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Webinar Events

Each month we host live webinars with international Raja Yoga teachers. Each webinar ends with a Q&A session. Registration is free.

Next Live Webinar

A Beautiful Mind
by Prashant Kakoday – Wednesday 2 May 2018

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Previous Live Webinars

Pursuing Happiness
by Indu Gulliani – Sunday 15 April 2018

Building Inner Stability
by Sarah FitzGerald – Wednesday  11 April 2018

From Doing To Being
by Natalie Steel – Monday  26 March 2018

The Mind and the Subconscious Mind
by Prashant Kakoday – Wednesday  21 March 2018

Identity is Everything
by Belinda Westcott – Monday 2 October 2017

The Mystery and Magic of Life
by Dr. Prashant Kakoday