Improve concentration decrease stress, re-discover your inner peace and bliss.

Join our term time guided drop-in meditations and discussions at Inner Space at 7pm on Tuesdays! Click here for our CUSU website.

You are also welcome to join our public meditations. All free of charge.

About Meditation 

Did you know your thoughts as well as your time have great value?

Raja Yoga Meditation is about learning how to make your thoughts elevated and full of power. Every human being has the potential to experience the richness of the head and richness of the heart.

To gain insights into our highest potential, to make it easy to overcome weaknesses, to lead a life in line with our conscience, it is necessary to create a structure of self reflection and meditation.

One needs to know ones own mind. To achieve this,  a little time invested everyday free from distractions is needed.

With understanding and a little effort, you become free from unhelpful thinking patterns. One who is free from cyclical thoughts will be far more efficient in every aspect. The mind without distractions can experience the silent bliss of the peaceful, joyful inner being.


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