Untangling Religion from Spirituality

Some people say, "I am spiritual but not religious". Others say, "I am religious and my spirituality is based on my religion". And a few say, "My religion is my spirituality". Then there are those who say, "Religion is spiritual and you can't be spiritual without religion". So there is an obvious mixing of the two ideas. That's why untangling them can only happen in one's own consciousness when there is clarity about each. Mike George is an author of 16 books focussed mostly on self awareness and emotional freedom.

August 2022

Beyond Psychology

How we face life’s challenges is a big part in determining the quality of our lives. In this talk, we will see how shining light on the psyche (the soul) may reveal a missing link in our present model of psychology, that might help us understand life’s riddle of human suffering. Speaker: Konstantina Sokolaki, Chartered Counselling Psychologist originally from Greece has been a student of Raja Yoga Meditation Philosophy for 2 years with Brahma Kumaris and is based in Bristol, UK.

December 2021

Creating a Culture of Transformation

Can we foster a culture of transformation, to help ourselves and our communities to make the changes that are needed to manage these challenge times to come? If so, what would it look like? Join Carolin Fraude, working for the transdisciplinary research group AMA (A Mindset for the Anthropocene) at the IASS Potsdam, in conversation with Dr. Prashant Kakoday, an international speaker on spirituality and health.

November 2021

Mental Re-Programming

The human mind has amazing and extraordinary capacities, however what is our current mental programming? If 10 things are going really well in your life, but one thing is going wrong, where does the mind dwell? If it is to the negative, we may need to re-programme our thinking with the spiritual understanding of our original nature to unleashes the vast positive capacity of our thoughts. Join the conversation with Viggo Simonsen from Aarhus, Denmark and Sarah FitzGerald from Cambridge, UK.

November 2021

Spiritual Solutions

We can only find a solution to the level that I have understood the problem. The deeper I have understood the problem, the more effective the solution will be. Spirituality looks for the complete picture and clear insight into the life’s riddles, hence the solutions are also profound with long term benefits. With Marta Matarin from Barcelona and Dr Prashant Kakoday from Cambridge.

October 2021

Eastern Treasures

As portrayed in the recent film “The Dig”, the hidden Sutton Hoo treasures from ancient times have come to light in the modern era. These mysterious treasures have lain buried for countless years and their discovery is the ‘find of a lifetime’. In this programme we are going to travel around East Anglia to meet some travellers on their quest to unearth, dust down and reveal the treasures of the human spirit that lie just beneath the surface of us all.

They will share some of the inner treasures that have been of immense personal value in their everyday lives. We hope to inspire, intrigue and ignite your own curiosity about the value of your own hidden treasures as we embark on this sacred journey of inner discovery.

October 2021

The World Within You

The world outside is of sound, movement and action - and out of our control. The world within is of our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and experiences. Our two eyes enable us to look outward, our third eye enables us to discover the world inward.

October 2021

A Sense of Belonging

Jhumpa Lahiri said, ‘The essential dilemma of my life is between my deep desire to belong and my suspicion of belonging.’ Brian Chesky said ‘Belonging has always been a fundamental driver of humankind.’ We explore how through first connecting with our true self with spiritual understanding of our innermost nature of unity and love, we unlock the feelings of belonging to all, even when the external environment challenges us.

September 2021

Understanding the Mind

It is said in the Gita that ‘your mind is your greatest friend if you control it, your mind is your greatest enemy if it controls you.’ In this panel discussion we explore the mind from the perspective of spirituality as well seeing if there is something we can learn from post materialist science. From one understanding in spirituality, the mind is neutral just like a theatre stage, it simply depends on who is using the mind; is it the devil on one shoulder or the angel on the other? 

August 2021

Habits for Happiness

Ghandi said, ‘happiness is when what you think say and do are in harmony.’ In this talk we look at the notion that this harmony and happiness is our true nature we when are awake to it. This awake state is such that there isn’t even the conscious intention to ‘be happy’, it is a natural expression of the self along with the wish to uplift and benefit others. We thus become aware of the contrast, as life today is of attachment and disharmony. Find out how to break from these old habits with simple steps to create habits for a new normal; a truly happy and healthy present and future.

August 2021

Emotional Health

Emotional health is an important part of overall health. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. They're able to cope with life's challenges. They can keep problems in perspective and bounce back from setbacks. In this talk we want to understand how we can all learn to improve our emotional health to live happier, healthier inner and outer lives. 

August 2021

Alone, not Lonely

Being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely…. but if you do feel lonely, you are not alone!

Three speakers explore the challenges as well as the silver linings of social distancing and self-isolation. Find tools for managing the feelings of loneliness, find comfort in isolation and learn the art of being ones own best company.

January 2021