The Festival of Inner Light 2019 has now ended.

Here are the recordings from 10th to 15th of June.

See you on 15th to 20th of June 2020!

Ian Daborn interviews Filip Zielinski on Cambridge 105 Radio about the Festival of Inner Light 2019.

Monday 10 June 2019


The Game of Life

by Heather Kara

As virtual reality games are in vogue, Heather Kara presented researches on how “gamification” taps into feel good motivators for human action. Through an interactive workshop, she showed how working on intrinsic drivers of human beings like creativity, self-expression and social dynamics provide a more holistic way of leading life. With this attitude of playing “The Game of Life”, a person starts to gain a more balanced approach, as one begins to creatively craft one's way through the challenges of daily life, just like in the video game “Minecraft”. The session ended with an open invitation to all to “Let the Games Begin”.

Tuesday 11 June 2019


Experiencing the Inner Wonder

by Chandra Hindustani and Ioana Goga

An evening filled with the symphony of spirituality and the sweetness of the flute as Ioana and Chandra take the space to another level. While Ioana’s readings on honesty and spirituality make one experience the truth, the recitations are beautifully synchronized with Chandra’s music which touches the soul. The passages smooth the mind and the music soothes the heart. It is easy to meditate...

Wednesday 12 June 2019


Science and Spirituality

by Brian Josephson, Geoff Marlow and Prashant Kakoday

Prof. Brian Josephson shared on 'Why life is something which cannot be  explained by quantum physics'. In life, there are variable components and their states which are not known, and hence precise calculations cannot define a working organism. Science is working towards discovering a better model.

Geoff Marlow described the challenges in innovation. If we were able to free ourselves from the trap of the past, we would discover our true potential and successfully pave our way to create a great future. This is a sure way of discovering the Einstein within ourselves.

Dr. Prashant Kakoday shared that by thinking at a gross level, we can miss the essence of our existence. He encouraged all to be their own scientist by doing research on their own mind to discover the truth about themselves.

Thursday 13 June 2019


Uplifiting Ourselves, Uplifiting Society

by Filip Zielinski and Kartikeya Bhadada

Filip explored the skills we need for the future. It is likely that what is taught at school today will be irrelevant by 2040 and the world will be very different and more hectic. To succeed there will be a need for a high level of personal resilience, and emotional and spiritual intelligence. Each one of us has to do the work of knowing ourselves better.

Kartikeya Bhadada (Delhi) explained that the ‘game’ of life is an infinite game where the rules change frequently and there is no end point to the game. Spirituality draws on this analogy – the ‘game of life’ is infinite since the soul is eternal, interacting on a physical dimension. Using this model one can begin to understand there are two realities – one physical and finite, one non-physical and eternal. Living life from the consciousness of a spiritual being you play the infinite game, where you commit to making a difference to society, leaving behind indelible fingerprints.

Friday 14 June 2019


Discoveries of Awakening

by Sr. Mary Friedland (Chicago) and Dr. Prashant Kakoday

A dialogue exploring new horizons in our understanding of spiritual awakening. Mary Friedland (Chicago) shared her personal journey. To have an ‘awakening’ – to perceive something one couldn’t before - a shift to a higher level of consciousness is required. As a consequence a shift in priorities occurs, so that meditation is not just another part of a full life.

Dr. Prashant Kakoday recalled his seminal moment of awakening, when he came to an understanding that the ‘real I’ was not his physical body, and to knowing he ‘existed’ before he was born in his current body and will continue to exist after its death. He experienced true, full freedom, recognising he was beyond harm, and this defined his understanding of soul consciousness.

Saturday 15 June 2019 11.00 am


The Science of Happiness

by Kartikeya Bhadada in discussion with Dr. Prashant Kakoday

Without knowing that more prosperity does not necessarily mean more happiness, we can end up giving our time to momentary happiness. Dr. Prashant Kakoday reveals the joy of giving anonymously and discovering a world of inner contentment and happiness that is unparalleled. Each one of us has the choice to create their own fortune by transcending a life of taking to that of giving, in any situation, by developing a mindset of fullness.

Saturday 15 June 2019 12.00 noon


Inner Peace, Inner Power

by Jayanti Kirpalani

Jayanti Kirpalani shared that by cultivating our inner power we can maintain a state of equilibrium and peace no matter what is happening outside. It isn't from other people that we lose our peace, but we have handed over our inner power to someone or something that is external. To recharge our inner battery, we can start practising 'I, the soul, am a being of peace' and connect to the Divine. Through a meditation commentary, Sr. Jayanti gave the participants an experience of inner peace in the company of the Divine.

Saturday 15 June 2019 4.00 pm


The Point of Life

by Jayanti Kirpalani

In a world where the feelings of hopelessness and negativity are growing, spirituality is giving us hope for the future. It is the time for spirituality! This was the call of time that Jayanti Kirpalani made in a well-attended one hour talk. Scientists from climate change, biology and physics are talking about the need for resilience, the need to adapt in a deep way and the need for spirituality. Hope is restored by the  understanding that the inner being, the soul, is eternal and will never perish. The point of life is being able to look with respect, to give and take respect and to create that inner state of dignity.