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We are organising lectures and seminar programs throughout the year, bringing you spiritual ideas and practical insights for your everyday life. Our guest speakers come from different cultures and professional backgrounds and share experiences and observations that simply help make sense of it all. Click here to listen again to talk recordings.

All of our habits have their roots in our mind and our belief structures. Meditation and some understanding of the mind are a way to discover and explore the unseen side of our habits and nourish the seeds that lead to good habits and positive self-change. In discussion with Natalie Steel from Loughborough and Dr Sarah Eagger from London.

tool for self change

We may be going in a certain direction in our lives, and it may appear to be right but if our ideas of the destination itself changes and we understand more factors to consider, then what was right before becomes the wrong direction. With the new destination, what was good earlier may be bad and what was bad becomes the necessary good. When the parameters change, everything changes.  In discussion with Dr Prashant Kakoday from Cambridge and Neville Hodgkinson from Oxford.

bad good