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We are organising lectures and seminar programs throughout the year, bringing you spiritual ideas and practical insights for your everyday life. Our guest speakers come from different cultures and professional backgrounds and share experiences and observations that simply help make sense of it all. Click here to listen again to talk recordings.

In this talk and panel discussion, we'll explore the complex relationship between humanity, technology, and the divine in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). As machines continue to advance and expand their capabilities, many are left wondering about the impact on human existence and spirituality. Can AI ever possess consciousness or spirituality? How does the emergence of AI challenge our traditional beliefs about what it means to be human, and our understanding of God, the soul, and the spiritual realm?

Join us for an insightful conversation featuring experts from the fields of technology, philosophy, and spirituality as we explore the implications of AI on our understanding of the human and the divine. Through a moderated discussion and audience Q&A, we'll consider the potential benefits and dangers of AI and how we can ensure that technology aligns with our values and goals as a society. Don't miss this fascinating and timely exploration of one of the most pressing issues of our time.

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