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We are organising lectures and seminar programs throughout the year, bringing you spiritual ideas and practical insights for your everyday life. Our guest speakers come from different cultures and professional backgrounds and share experiences and observations that simply help make sense of it all. Click here to listen again to talk recordings.

How to Create Your Own Luck

7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Roman Goddess for luck by name Fortuna doesn’t carry a balance. Justice and fairness is not her field. She came to represent life’s unpredictability. Are there any rules in this domain of luck? In the dialogue between Erik Larson and Sigrun Stefansdottir we will learn the secrets of how to win favours from Lady Fortuna.

create luck

Untangling religion from Spirituality can only happen in one's own consciousness when there is clarity about each. Why is it important? In his words, "Right now religion still dominates our world. For many it provides a comfortable set of beliefs by which to live. But if you want to prepare your self for what is to come, if you want to be ready, willing and able to face the challenges ahead, you will need to cultivate your spirituality. And that, for many, is not so comfortable". With speaker Mike George an author of 16 books focussed mostly on self awareness and emotional freedom.