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Sunday Talks

Sunday 21st October  3-4pm

Lose what needs to be lost… to find what needs to be found.

Most of the suffering that we experience in our lives is due to trapped emotions and emotional baggage that we carry from past memories. Those energies stay with us, grow and disrupt our lives and relationships. They can cause disease and self-sabotage and ultimately drain us of all positivity and inner strength.

Join us to explore the depth of healing and discover the value of heart cleansing to experience freedom from these memories and patterns of behavior, in order to restore us to our true nature.

Speaker: Ash Patel

Ash Patel is a commercial Director within the IT services sector, responsible principally for relationship development. His interest lies in learning about and applying inner leadership principles to increase self-awareness and heartfulness. Ash has been a student of Raja Yoga for 15 years and works with young adults to nurture potential through these principles.