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Peace Week

Join Peace Week 14th to 20th January 2019

Peace Week - Meditation Initiative for Peace of Mind

In the light of a new year beginning we are calling on you to experience collective meditation and spiritual activities during a Peace Week. The focus of this initiative is to use peace as a transformative power.

There are two elements to this Peace Week focus:

  • Collective explorations of Peace of Mind.
  • Individually have the aim to create 15 minutes' meditation daily during the Peace Week. Each day we will take a different practice for meditation to receive spiritual power through it.

You can see the Peace Week meditation practice here

Programme for 14th to 20th January

Collective Explorations
Monday - Friday from 7.00 to 7.30 pm at Inner Space Cambridge

We will use spiritual readings to hold discussions on a certain topic. Senior yogis will set-up the context by offering guidelines during these sessions. They will also be available to answer questions.

Special Weekend Events

Maureen Goodman from London will join the Peace Week on Saturday 19 January and Sunday 20 January. On Saturday 19th from 3 to 4pm, Maureen Goodman will give a talk at Inner Space on 'The Healing Power of Peace'.

On Sunday 20th, Maureen Goodman and other senior yogis will set-up the context for our Open Day. During this day we will create activities to hold one thought of peace, and to experience the support and the unifying power of yoga. Please book to participate on this day.

Individual Meditation
15 minutes' daily practice

Each person can structure the meditation around their schedule. We will use thoughts of Raja Yoga knowledge to deepen our understanding of the self and our connection with the Divine.

Both experienced and new meditators are invited to take benefit from this collective Peace Week.


We will use email to send you the daily meditation practice and the hints for spiritual study. Please register for the Peace Week mailing list below.

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