Our Life

Our meditation practices cannot be independent from what is happening in our everyday lives. This box represents the physical world we are dealing with. This box comes with a label; ‘unpredictable’.

Everything around you, including the body is unpredictable. We can’t really know what is to happen the very next second, such is the nature of this world. Hence every time you create a bondage within that box, it creates some level of subconscious fear. Just as if you had a ticket with an unpredictable airline, there would be anxiety as to whether the flight will be cancelled or not.

However if someone or something is unpredictable but there is no bondage, then there is no reason for fear.

unpredictable box
false identification

False Identification

At present our very identity is based on the unpredictable world. That is what we call ‘body consciousness’ or false identification. For convenience we will use the word ‘ego’.

A person might define himself based on his job, his family, his body and appearance, his car, etc; it can be anything! There follows a sense of self importance because of the status at work, for example. All human beings are innocently into many bondages. If the sense of self and self worth is based on what is temporary and unpredictable, at some stage a person can suddenly find that they are not in control of anything around them, including the body.

This primary fear becomes the basis of all our other sorrows and vices. From that insecure mindset we become greedy; we try to resolve our predicament thinking that I can better secure myself in this physical world by acquiring wealth, possessions or support from relationships. In this desperation we may end up inflicting violence.

In essence, all our human problems, personal and collective are secondary to bondages. Even if they comprehend the need, no-one knows the answer to this problem.

What is the spiritual answer? With spiritual sight we have the option to see from beyond this box. How is that possible? How can I see from beyond this box whilst being in that box?

See the perspective of a guest on the planet. 

A guest is involved but the perspective is from beyond.

This is the truth of all of us in this larger physical world. We are involved with everything here; children, parents, a job, etc. I can however take care of all of these things as a guest and a trustee.

We can call this detached involvement. At the moment, we have created such bondages in that unpredictable world, which has created total chaos. We want to be in this world but with the attitude of detached involvement, meaning free and at the same time involved.



Take a few minutes to write down the experience and perspective of being a guest.