Welcome to this online course. We appreciate your interest in this fascinating subject of the Mind.

In these sessions we will be following the method of Raja Yoga meditation to explore the potential of the mind.

The mind is an extraordinary gift to each one of us. However, not a single University on this planet gives it the importance that it deserves, or claims to be an authority in that field.


The word meditation is a very broad word and includes a variety of practices.

The moment you pay attention to your mind, you are in meditation.

Most practices will have an element of concentration to take your mind beyond the train of ordinary thoughts.

One reason for the various benefits of meditation is that with concentration, your background cyclical thoughts stop because these thoughts inadvertently gravitate toward the negative.

A concentration practice is very simple and beneficial, even if it is for 2 minutes.

Nothing will come to a halt because you are not having those cyclical thoughts. What you will find is the background noise in your mind is removed and you will be far more efficient for the next hour. You may also experience a shift of mood.

Raja Yoga Meditation

In Raja Yoga meditation our aim is not just relaxation or concentration but it is to reawaken the spirit and re-experience our original natural nature of inner peace and happiness.

That automatically addresses the root of the problem of acquired insecurity and cyclical thinking.

For this we need a structure, and some form of broad guidelines.

We are like research students here and over the next few weeks and months we can create time to follow some of the guidelines.

It’s a nice way to know our own mind and experience the magic.


How to use this

This meditation course is about discovering a new consciousness.

Our entire spiritual knowledge tells us that, at this very moment, we have a huge treasure and it is right in front of us. The journey is to take that step which will turn it into our experience.

We encourage you to listen or read each class, reflect, see the application in your life, maybe share that realisation with a friend, and then continue to the next class.


♦ Listen 

♦ Reflect

♦ Realise and apply