One to One Online sessions with an experienced Meditation Teacher.

Course Details

This course is based on the teachings of Raja Yoga meditation philosophy as taught by Brahma Kumaris (UK). The course covers experiencing a higher consciousness, freedom from suffering, the subject of divinity, cyclical time and karma etc. There will be the opportunity for discussion and questions.

These sessions are held over your preferred communication, such as Skype, Whatsapp or Telephone.



What is Raja Yoga Meditation?

Raja Yoga meditation is a philosophy of life that is made practical with the associated method of meditation. It helps us to attain both happiness and clarity of mind. It sets out in very clear and simple terms a new way of seeing and understanding ourselves in relation to the world we live in.

The knowledge of Raja Yoga challenges our commonly accepted beliefs and takes us on a journey deep into the meaning of who we are and what our highest purpose can be.

In this present world where more and more of us get pulled into a spiral of expectations and increasing dependencies that eventually affect the quality of our lives, it is necessary for us to learn to be free from the web of our own creation.