Inner Discovery Meditation Six

Driver of the Car

We see the body in the image of a car. We see the driver as a tiny point of light… He is the one who experiences. He is the one who makes sense of the colours… Eyes are the windows. We are aware of this driver as the invisible traveller seated behind the eyes. 
This driver, the invisible traveller, is also aware of the sounds… The one who makes sense of these sensations is this tiny spark of light. The driver is not part of the car. The driver is always a guest in the car… As we continue our journey through the traffic of this world around us, we aim to be aware that there is a car and there is also a driver… This invisible traveller, the driver, is the detached observer, always safe.

Meditation Tip

Be aware that every minute that you spend in higher consciousness, you are serving the world. Everyone gets uplifted.