Inner Discovery Meditation Nine

The Wheel of Time

With the eye of the mind we see two stars. One is the self, the other is the Supreme Companion… They are like two friends, two very close companions. Both are immortal, both are secure, both are from the supreme home…
Two stars in their original state of wisdom, awake to their great truth, great fortune. From here we are aware of the sound and the activity, not in God’s world, but as if they are happening in another dimension… We call it the fictional dimension. 
This fictional dimension is all around us… We see it as a wheel of time… all around us… that wheel of time cannot change anything in the Godly dimension… which is timeless, changeless. These two stars are observers of the fictional dimension. They remain conscious of their own great truth, their great company.

Meditation Tip

If a certain thought keeps reoccurring write it down in your notebook to help free your mind.