Inner Discovery Meditation Five

Beyond the Story

With our spiritual sight we see the physical world as a story… everything that has happened today has happened in a story. Beyond the story there is the world of silence… the world of light… we see it in the image of a sky. 
This is the home of the invisible travellers… the world of the family of the living stars. For them it is normal to be like a star… it is normal to be immortal… There is no reason for desperation, desire, disappointment… what remains is complete peace.
This world is not an extension of the story, it is a complete reality. We discover the wonder of this sky… then we realise the great wonder of the earth. The story is extraordinary… it is great entertainment. We understand the richness of the story, seen from beyond.

Meditation Tip

Concentration is absolutely essential for meditation. Concentration on the spiritual experiences stops the mind from wandering.