Inner Discovery Meditation Eight

Supreme Love

Using spiritual sight is a beautiful step. It enables us to see the way God sees… Beyond this physical world, we see the image of a sky… In this sky there are living stars. These stars are immortal… they are sorrowless… desireless… egoless. As a result, they are in silent bliss, silent peace, harmless and beyond harm… 
They are child-like, God-like. Child-like innocence, God-like wisdom… It is a region of love… Everyone appears loving and everyone is lovely. This is the world of God, the Father. The One who is always awake… He knows the truth in a natural way… He knows everyone is immensely lovely and loving. By “everyone” we understand souls, stars. They look like tiny points of light, in this region of light… this region of supreme love. 
Everyone is immensely worthy of love forever… It is a region of God’s love… this is the home of family, home of God, home of immortality and home of love.

Meditation Tip

Observe your emotions. Aim to distinguish between emotions from the story and higher feelings from the awareness of the soul.