Thursday 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Uplifting the Self, Uplifting Society

Presentations and panel on how to uplift ourselves.

Speaker: Filip Zielinski

'There is a general agreement that something needs to shift in how self management and leadership are taken up in today's world.' But when we ask, "Shift from what to what?" there is either no cohesive answer or just a perplexed silence.
Filip will draw upon personal experiences and reflections on the subject of leading from within.
Filip Zielinski trained as a pharmacist and has enjoyed a varied career, working principally in the community sector and most recently in Clinical Governance. He has been interested in spirituality and meditation for several years and is a student of Raja Yoga.

Speaker: Kartikeya Bhadada

Kartykeya will explore the impact of Raja Yoga meditation on general upliftment across cultures.
Kartikeya has been involved with Brahma Kumaris for more than 10 years. He has studied Engineering and Management Subjects at IIT Kharagpur and University of Cambridge. Currently, Kartikeya lives in Delhi and works in a Consulting Company, Accenture.