Using the Guided Meditations

Find a comfortable place to sit where you won't be disturbed for a few minutes to listen to the guided meditation commentary above. You can repeat these commentaries as often as you wish. Each time there may be a different and perhaps deeper experience as your concentration develops.

The transcripts of the commentaries below each meditation can be used as an additional tool for your study. For example, they can be used for your own meditation experiments that you can revise and repeat to yourself. You can choose to focus on one aspect or revisit a word or phrase that you find particularly effective or powerful.

Concentration Practice

In this practice, during this minute we aim to hold an image in the mind. It can be any image that is very useful for concentration.

This time we are holding the image of the sky. It can be any colour, or any form. A sky with clouds, a sky with stars, any image of a sky. There is nothing spiritual about this, just a simple exercise in concentration. I may speak a few words, but from now we just hold that image of the sky as if we are in that sky. There is no need to let the mind go anywhere else. We may see the light of the sky and the colours. Thank you.