Climate and Consciousness

What can we do?

2pm - 5.30pm Saturday 7th March

Venue: William Collyn Community Centre Wellbrook Way, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0GP

The aim of this half-day seminar is to understand the spiritual answers for the challenging times to come, with clear steps for how to attain the necessary tools to be spiritually prepared.

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The rational approach taken during this session makes it relevant to anyone who is spiritually minded including those from an atheistic background.

We will emphasis the subject of bondages and how these unquestioned bondages are the real cause of our despair and suffering. With this in mind, the meditation practices are aimed at attaining internal freedom.

The session promotes a spiritual high ground, whilst making it easy and practical for the novice to learn the steps to start the process. These are necessary tools to deal with the ups and downs on this rollercoaster of life.

Keynote Speaker: Dr Prashant Kakoday

Prashant is based in Cambridge and has a background in surgery and integrated health. His main interest is in the relationship between the psyche, emotions, behaviour and health. He has spoken on these subjects in many countries and institutions, including the W.H.O. and the Medical Teaching Program in the U.S.A.