Series: Science and Spirituality of Happiness


A simple smile creates harmony in relationships and heals societies. An inner smile promotes harmony within the body and creates health in body and mind.

This series of talks is aimed to explore the roots of a happy and meaningful life through the methodology of science and spiritual practices.

Part 1 - Thursday 20th April 2017

Series: Understanding the Mind

“The mind in its own and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven”. John Milton

In this series of talks varies aspects of the mind and subconscious mind will be explored; its emotions, personalities, thoughts and attitudes. Attempts will be made to take practical steps to make our inner lives richer and the mind more noble.

Part 1 - Tuesday 7th March 2017

Series: Managing Mind and Emotions

There are no answers in ordinary thinking. There are answers only when we step back and see the bigger picture. This is where the spiritual model comes in. When we see that we are travellers through this world, we have the option to experiment with the perspective of a guest. A guest uses everything in a worthwhile way, he knows he can leave whenever he wishes and so he remains free from the spiral of dependencies.

Part 1- Tuesday 8th December 2015