A Spiritual Model

In this spiritual model we see the entire physical world as a drama stage.

The actors have adopted physical costumes and are playing their temporary parts.


These actors themselves are non-physical, invisible and so different from the role and physical costume.

The actors have a home which is far beyond the stage of sound and change. 

The home is timeless and the actors, whilst in their home, experience unconditional peace, joy and love.

It is a world of perfection.

All are immortal and this dimension is eternal. No one needs anything for their existence and they are beyond harm.

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When actors first visit the stage, they find just an ordinary physical experience as an extraordinary gift.

Over the passage of time, actors forget their home and consider the temporary stage to be their home.

In this forgetfulness and confusion they give birth to false identification, defining themselves by the things of this temporary stage like the body or the role play.


We use the word ‘ego’ to describe false identification.

The ego forever feels insecure and is desperately trying to find security in this unpredictable play where everything has an end. 

The ego sees itself as a potential victim, a beggar and a slave trying to secure peace, love and happiness on that temporary stage.

The aim of Raja Yoga is to re-awaken our original divinity and nobility. We call this ‘soul consciousness’. 

This is done through a few different complementary meditation practices.

A journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. We value a meditation practice even for one minute as a good start.



Reflect for one minute on the experience of unconditional peace.